Small Fixes That Make a Big Difference in Kitchen Makeovers

4 Smart Ways to Update Your Kitchen without the Cost or Hassle of a Full Remodel

If you’re looking for a way to make your life easier and your home more valuable, remodelling and updating the kitchen is one of the smartest things you can do. Modern buyers crave beautiful and equally modern kitchens, and they’re willing to pay a premium to get them.

For that reason, homeowners who are contemplating a future sale may find that modernising the kitchen makes financial sense. The cost of a full kitchen remodel may be high, they figure, but much of that money can be recaptured when the home goes on the market.

The finances are a bit murkier for homeowners who do not plan to sell. If you plan to stay in your home for the long haul, it might not make financial sense to do a full kitchen makeover and deal with the inconvenience and expense the project entails. But that does not mean you cannot enjoy a more beautiful kitchen – here are four smart ways to update your kitchen without spending big on a full remodel (kitchen magic).

Give Your Old Cabinets a New Coat of Paint

If your kitchen cabinets are structurally sound but lacking in ascetic appeal, you do not have to spend much on a replacement. Just get out your sandpaper, pick your favourite shade of paint and give your old tired cabinets a whole new look.

Painting your kitchen cabinets in a contrasting shade is a great way to bring beauty and drama to your kitchen. If your kitchen walls are white, try painting your old cabinets in a stunning shade of black or hunter green. Just put on a fresh coat of paint and top your refurbished cabinets off with some stunning brass door pulls, handles and other hardware.

Increase Your Storage Space with Pull-Out Shelves

If you want instant access to the cookware, dishes and other things you use every day, installing pull-out shelves in your kitchen cabinets is a great way to make your life easier. Pull-out shelves also allow you to use the space you have more efficiently, eliminating the need for a costly remodel and the addition of more cabinets.

You can also increase your storage space with turntables and other storage devices to make your existing kitchen more efficient. For far less than the cost of a full remodel or even a new set of cabinets, you can give yourself more space – and your old kitchen new life.

Opt for Open Shelving Where Possible

There is a huge price differential between open shelving and closed kitchen cabinets, and you can save a lot of money by opting for the former. You can use open shelving to store your everyday dishes, frequently used pots and cooking utensils and anything else that gets used so often it does not have time to accumulate dust.

There are some very attractive open shelving solutions on the market, including specially designed shelves with dividers for keeping your dishes and cookware neat and organised. You’ll be surprised at the difference these open storage solutions can make.

Make Your Storage Do Double Duty

If you want to update your kitchen decor and give yourself more storage space, look for a solution that does both. Wall-mounted shelves provide extra storage for the things you need every day, but they can also give your kitchen walls a beautiful new look.

Whether you opt for the classic good looks and durability of cast iron of the timeless beauty of copper, making your wall-mounted shelves do double duty is a great way to save money. Look for shelves that are easily adjustable and fit in with your decor.

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