Basic elements for a contemporary kitchen design

This is a guide for those who are looking for inspirations for their kitchen, especially for those who have bought a loft or a flat and would like to choose a contemporary kitchen design.

Here we are with a few tips about how to distinguish a modern kitchen from a classic one and which are the main features that define the contemporary style kitchen furniture.

Contemporary kitchen design lacks of ornamentations

First of all, the contemporary kitchens have no ornaments and they are characterized by clear and simple lines. This means that the panel doors have a flat style without handles instead of the classic raised panel doors that are typical of the traditional kitchen design.

Also, doors, shelves and other elements have a reduced thickness so that they look like they are more essential and elegant, and they design pure geometries that combine simplicity and rigor with functionality.

However, this does not mean that a contemporary kitchen is not as beautiful or a high quality product as well as a traditional one, due to its lack of ornamentations. The excellence of the materials and the exclusivity of the finishes give value to the whole furniture.

For examples, it is not completely true that doors have no handles. They are often integrated into the door itself. This is one of the several examples we could make about how design and functionality meet together in modern design furnitures.

State-of-the-art materials such as glass and metal, porcelain, steel or concrete, allow you to combine them and to customize each element of the kitchen according to your needs and to your lifestyle.

Also, it is possible to choose between a wide range of colours, from vivid shapes to the more classic ones. In the past times, the only material at your disposal was the wood and its natural colors. Nowadays, wood remains one of the main materials in modern kitchens but the variations are many more than in the past times.

Tailored solutions

Many contemporary kitchens are tailored solutions as well as the traditional ones.

When people think of modern furniture companies, they usually think of the assembly line and the serial production against the classic idea of a carpenter, of an artisan furniture factory, of a time when furniture was designed and made according with the architect’s project.

However, it is not completely true because many companies continue to work in a traditional way, creating exceptional masterpieces in a contemporary style. This is the case of some important Italian brands like Poliform. Made in Italy proposals are a mix of tradition and innovation!

Even if they are tailored products, they are equipped with high technical characteristics. This is another plus of the contemporary kitchen design.

A contemporary concept of lifestyle

Modern kitchen design expresses a contemporary concept of lifestyle. This is the reason why spaces and furnitures are designed in order to be 100% functional.

They are made of integrated solutions and the space is planned in order to open onto the living. People spend a lot of time outside their home. They often consume the main meals of the day in a bar or in a restaurant, and they only have breakfast and dinner at home so, it is important to offer people a comfortable home environment in which to spend these moments.

This is the reason why contemporary kitchen design is planned in order to be a hybrid space, that is a place where to cook but also an intimate place for all family members, as well as a living room.

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