Signs You Need Home Water Damage Restoration

Signs You Need Home Water Damage Restoration

If you are a household owner, you probably know that water can bring significant damages to your home, especially after a large storm, hurricane, or other weather issues.

Even though some signs are apparent, remember that others are not transparent, which is why you should evaluate your home after each storm to determine whether you should do something about it or not.

It is crucial to your family to catch a potential leakage before it created significant mold infestation and other structural problems. The earlier you detect water damage signs, the more chances you will have to fight this menace.

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Generally, homes from all across the globe are at risk from storm surges and hurricanes, mainly if you have not conducted roof analysis in a while.

It would be best to stay with us to learn the most obvious signs that your home suffered inevitable water damage.


The discoloration is an obvious problem you may notice on your ceilings or other areas within your home. We recommend you to check every single room after a severe weather condition.

It can happen near pipes on your floor or on walls, which are essential areas to check out beforehand. At the same time, discoloration is a clear sign of water damage, which is why you should find a professional to help you out with the process.

Remember that stains will go darker as time goes by, which will be a perfect setting for mildew and mold infestation. If you wish to prevent the expensive infestation cleanups, we recommend you find professional as soon as you notice a slight discoloration or water stain sign.

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2.New and Strange Smell

You probably know that smell when you leave your laundry in washing machines after the finished cycle. Apart from the fresh smell of a detergent you used, the next thing you will notice is a potent musk that will affect your enjoyment.

This particular smell is a common problem that happens to moist areas, especially if it goes unnoticed. Keep in mind that this is a perfect ground for mold infestation, leading to your family’s serious health issues.

The presence of water combined with humidity is the perfect condition for mold, which will create a harmful and noticeable odor that will stay within your household.

The easiest way to prevent it from happening is by removing excess humidity from your home by finding a restoration company that will help you out with the process.

3.Warped Floors

Another sign that you can easily spot and notice include warped floors that happen due to excess wetness. In case you have wooden flooring, as soon as the water starts to condensate, it will begin to warp because of damage.

Of course, everything depends on floor material, which means that this particular problem can happen numerous ways.

The best way to prevent further problems is by detecting them from the very beginning. Besides, you can deal with it by finding a nearby water damage restoration company that will prevent other issues.

Some flooring materials will start to expand and break away from a foundation. Other options will start sinking and become saggy or start to rise like a tent.

Therefore, if you have noticed that you are walking on uneven ground, it means that humidity is beneath your feet.

4.Bubbling or Peeling Walls

Similarly, as the flooring will change its structure and shape when in constant contact with water, the walls will react by peeling and warping because of water damage.

If you have mold or moisture issues, they will start to peel while staying discolored and soft to the touch. Keep in mind that this particular discovery is highly dangerous because excess humidity is a sign something is going on with your household.

As soon as walls stop being sturdy, that could lead to baseboard breaks, which are a horrible problem that may affect your family’s safety.

Therefore, you need to manage this particular problem as soon as it appears because negligence can lead to more expensive restoration and damages.

Finally, if you notice standing puddles or water within your household and next to walls, it is a dangerous sign it has entered your home and created havoc. Instead of waiting, we urge you to do something about it as soon as possible.

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