Why You Should Paint Your Window Trim Black

Black is one of those colors that you need to be very careful with using inside your home. Sure, you may have a teenager who has asked if he or she could paint their room with it and you’ve kindly denied their request, but did you know that black is actually a great neutral option for enhancing your interior d├ęcor?

Take your windows for instance. Painting the trim black can bring about some impressive aesthetic benefits to help make those richmond windows pop while revitalizing the rest of the room at the same time. While black is a neutral tone you must use sparingly, there are a myriad of ideas you should consider to give your windows some eye-catching attention.

Be warned however, not all of these ideas are best-suited for every room in the house. You should also keep the style of your home in mind as well, black or similar dark colors just won’t look right in some types of homes and it’s up to you to consider if this is a step too far.

But for those of you who want to be bold and beautiful with your window trim ideas, here are some of the best reasons why bringing a hint of tenebrism into your home can really liven up the interior and impress your guests next time you entertain.

Stimulate a Tired Room

It’s all about stark contrasts and when you paint your window trim black or stain it with dark tones, you create an energetic living space that lets your window pop out against brighter surrounding walls. Cool or warm tones are both suitable against black trim, you can adjust the overall tone of the room with whichever wall color you opt to choose.

As for the best room of the house for this type of contrast, the living room can be an ideal candidate as this is often the room that sees the most foot traffic behind the kitchen of course. Can you paint the trim black in that room? Probably not, unless you already have a black and white color scheme in there. For example, the floor is made of black and white squares or the back-splash has black and white tile.

Framing a Gorgeous View

It doesn’t matter if your windows overlook Manhattan from high up or you have a view of your family playing in the backyard pool, painting your trim black can pull everyone’s attention directly to the window observing what’s just beyond.

Think of it as framing a gorgeous work of art, only that art is the view outside your window. Adding a little black to the perimeter presents that view with a little more dramatic panache. There’s also the added bonus of calling the eye away from other less attractive areas in the room or the home in general.

Yes, black is a powerful attention getter and you need to wield that power responsibly so it’s a good idea to select one or two specific windows that present an amazing view of the outdoors to line in darkness.

Accentuated Height

Emphasizing the fact that black is an attention-getter in your home, you can also paint the trim of your windows in that shade to give tall windows a more dramatic appearance. This is really best-suited for rooms with very high ceilings for the purposes of affecting a specific aesthetic. However, that aesthetic can also work against you in rooms that lack significant height.

So be sure you are choosing windows carefully when it comes to painting the trim black so you don’t make them stand out for all the wrong reasons in a normal sized room.

Get Sneaky

It happens in older homes all the time. Walls, window trim, floors, even the ceilings and doors can start to look a little banged up. Scuff marks and nicks are to be expected the longer you’ve lived in a home. If there are children or pets in the home, these little imperfections are all but guaranteed to emerge over time.

But when it comes to your windows, you can turn to black paint to cover up these little dings and knocks. The window trim can feel the brunt of some heavy wear and tear in a crowded home and using some black to clean it all up can be a much easier and cost-effective alternative to repairing any minor superficial damage that might be noticeable to the naked eye at first glance.

If black is too severe for the room in which the window trim is located, you can turn to a dark stain instead. Both will do the trick nicely.

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