If You Live In Long Island You Must Have A Home Surveillance System

There are over 370.000 crime acts in the entire state of New York every year. Long Island is one of the most populated and a lot of them are happening there. Every homeowner needs a good surveillance system if they want to be safe from burglars. See a little more stats here.

With around 8 million people living there, and so many houses with properties that burglars see as a potential place to rob and get rich, you understand why you must install protection.

Today, the game of surveillance systems has gone so far that if you haven’t checked what is going on with for a few years, you’ll be stunned from the results. Things have changed so much that not only people trying to rob you are getting frustrated but now you’re getting protected from insider threats too.

What does this mean? It means that today’s systems are having so many options that there’s no way someone to get hurt and the persons responsible for emergencies not to be notified. Read on to see how modern security cameras have evolved.

How security cameras evolved

Back in the day, a security camera was installed and capable to film a certain area of your home. The film was then transported to a recording device and the owners or the police were able to see who went inside and tried to recognize them from the low pixel camera.

Today, this game changed 100%. Surveillance is now available not to just cover a 360 degrees area from the place they are mounted, but they are no longer only used for keeping the robbers away from your property. Here’s a security camera buying guide that you can follow: https://www.cnet.com/topics/security-cameras/buying-guide/.

Modern security cameras, or better said, surveillance systems, are made to keep you safe from both the outside and the insider threats. What do we mean by insider threats? Well, whenever an accident happens inside, the system is able to recognize it and alarm someone who will be placed as the person responsible.

For example, you go to work and your old parent is at home alone. We all know how they can’t move and act like the younger generation, so in case they trip over something, fall down the stairs, or suffer a health problem that will make them unavailable to call for help, the system will do it for them.

The cameras now are capable of recognizing certain problems and immediately call someone for help. This can help in preventing so many deaths from accidents. On top of this, the same devices can recognize fires, floods, and similar problems that are not human-related and call the fire brigade or the police, or whoever is needed.

How a modern camera looks like today?

A great Long Island home surveillance system is now able to record what’s happening outside and cover all your property and it is also able to record what’s going on inside your home. Everything can be controlled through an app that you have installed on your phone.

It seems like a part of science fiction movie or something that only the richest people on the planet have, but this is equipment available for everyone. The surveillance is now able to notify any strange behavior no matter where you are on the planet.

You can be in a completely different part of the planet and you can still see what’s happening in real-time. The cameras will record and see the information over the internet. As we all know, the internet is available almost everywhere on Earth, so you can see what’s happening at all times. If something is happening there, you can alarm the authorities to take action.


As you can see, it is absolutely necessary to install something like this in your home. With it, both you and your loved ones will be fully protected. On top of everything, your belongings and property will be safe too.

You need to find a great company that will do a perfect job by installing everything in order. This is not a difficult job but it takes a professional to do it. Don’t do things on your own, it’s not that easy as it seems.

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