A Complete Guide On Bathroom Renovation In Sydney

Planning to do bathroom renovation in Sydney? Renovating bathrooms are very difficult. It is hard to change all the pipework from the existing layout to the new model.  Even working near the pipes are very risky. Sometimes starting from the first is easier than renovating the existing layout.

Before renovating one should fix the budget for the renovation. There are many shops available for buying bathroom shower and basin. The price differs based on quality. Bathroom renovations in Sydney is simple if you carry out with sufficient planning. Here are some tips to make renovation of bathroom easy and successful.

Tips For Bathroom Renovation In Sydney :

  • Plan a layout for the bathroom :

It is recommended not to make any changes to the old sanitary ware layout. It will reduce the cost of renovation. If there are a lot of changes to the existing layout then the cost of renovation also increases. If there is a need for a change move accordingly so that the toilet is easy to connect. After planning the layout check it with the electrician and tiler.

  • Appoint Electrician as early as possible :

For renovation, we need an electrician for many works like rewiring, electric shower, and lighting schemes. It is good to appoint the electrician before starting the renovation work. Be careful while selecting the electrician. Select the registered electrician for additional protection if something wrong happens.

  • Select sanitary ware :

Choose the correct place for all sanitary ware like a hot pipe, cold pipe and waste before plastering or tiling. Choose the place for all the things like bath, sink, shower, taps, furniture, and toilet. If there is any alteration in the final stage, then it is a double work and also cost of renovation will increase.

  • Reuse the existing sanitary ware :

If the existing sanitary ware is of good quality then try to use those things after polishing or giving re-enamel to the old one. It will reduce the cost of renovation.

  • Mix and Match will reduce the cost :

Try to buy sanitary ware supplies from different suppliers it will save your money. Always select quality products. If you use cheap products like plastic they are flexible and because of that, they can give water leakage problems.

  • Plan simple :

Have a simple design for the bathroom it will be cost-effective. Avoid steps, decorative moldings, and other non-essential ornaments.

  • Include technology to the bathroom :

There are various options of using technology in the bathrooms like waterproof television, smart lighting control depending on the atmosphere, automatic blinds, built-in-hi-fi systems, and bath fillers. This should be decided during the planning stage itself for easy implementation.

  • Use mirrors :

If you have small space for bathroom fix mirror to one side of the wall it will make the bathroom to feel more spacious and lighter. Use a heater behind the mirror to avoid mist.

  • Choose reputed tradespeople :

Always choose a trusted person for renovating the bathroom. Ask your friends to recommend plumbers, builders, electrician, and decorator so that you will get an idea of their previous work. Be careful while paying advance payment.

  • Conceal Pipework :

In all the possible places conceal the pipework and flooring for a clean finish. This will make other work easier. Make the important components accessible so that it will be easy in case of repair or leakage.

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