Retirement in Orlando: Design a Perfect Retirement House for Your Parents with These Tips

Retirement in Orlando: Design a Perfect Retirement House for Your Parents with These Tips

So, your parents just retired and now you are looking to give them something worthy of their lifelong efforts? Gifting your parents an amazing retirement house can be a great way to show them their importance in your life.

If you are living in Orlando, you must know all the wonderful opportunities that an individual can seek in terms of property. From beautiful houses by the beach to more city-centric houses, there are a lot of options available.

While Florida craziness might be the last thing your parents are interested in, there are several different places and recreational activities for retired people that they would absolutely love. As a matter of fact, there are almost 5 million people above the age of 65 and retired living in the state of Florida presently. Orlando has some amazing areas and housing for retired people.

In this article, we will discuss some of the major things that you need to consider while designing a retirement home for your parents. You need to consider loads of baby steps and small details in the house to keep it by the comfort level of the elderly.

The place needs to be a perfect balance of design and lifestyle accommodation for your parents who will retire to Orlando

An Effective Way to Design Your Parent’s Retirement Home

Don’t overcrowd the house with so many things

Obviously, your parents are retiring. They are old and don’t need a lot of things especially if they can’t manage them. Consider downsizing as an integral part of your plan. Just make sure that the house is not cluttered with unwanted things and decorations. Normally retirement houses are small and convenient for seniors. Therefore, choose everything from furniture to the indoor décor thoughtfully.

Make room for memories

Consider the fact that your parents are retiring. They will obviously have a lot of time up their hands. This is where you enter the memory bank wagon. You need to understand the importance of incorporating memories and sentiments as a part of the décor. Add things like photographs, presents, and achievements they have been proud of. Lovely family pictures, a full cabinet of their favorite antiques, and achievements of their children are going to give them good flashbacks and things to recall. Such items hold much more important in the life of a person who has literally seen everything over the years.

Furniture should be safe and easily movable

Furniture is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to designing the perfect retirement house you need to think of how they will be moving around in the place. Not only this but, it is also important to consider the fact that you and your parents will be interacting in the space quite often. Think of what is safe and easily reachable.

For example, consider investing in round-edged and more compact furniture, small shelves and cabinets as well as lighter furniture. Also, make sure that the heating and cooling system is functional and of high-quality.

When it comes to decorating a retirement home, it’s important to think about how you or your loved one will interact with space. Consider investing in compact, rounded furniture. Apartment-sized furniture saves space, and rounded edges add an extra safety advantage.

Set an engaging color scheme 

Life can sometimes be a bit blue for individuals who are moving to their retirement house alone. You need to consider the fact that the house has to be extremely engaging and bright for them. The way your house is painted does have a significant impact on one’s mood.

While you are selecting the perfect color combination, make sure that you go for more bright and saturated colors instead of dim pastel colors. Interior experts and psychiatrists have proven this with proper testing that having a brightly colored house can actually make one’s mood better and also impact the aging process in a very good manner.


You can find a perfect retirement house for your parents who are going to retire to Orlando. There are a lot of opportunities for seniors to enjoy their retirement life at the O-town. However, make sure that the house is perfectly customized according to their needs.

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