A New Look for Old Concrete Floors

Concrete pads have been part of garage and commercial flooring for over 100 years, so it may come as no surprise that the old-type flooring can have a new life. In the past decade, improving the look and style of cement has become the focus of many specialists, and the results have been amazing. So, whether you are into stains, paints, or concrete floor covering products, there are numerous colors, textures and styles you can incorporate into your cement floor plans. Here are a few ideas.

Colorful Paints

The amazing acrylic formulas designed to coat concrete are straight out of the space age. Available in a wide range of colors, the product is breathable to allow water to move through and out of the cement. Weather resistant, its elasticity allows for movement caused by temperature variations that can result between seasons.

Acid Stain

Acid stained floors are one of a kind because as the acid is applied, it binds to, and penetrates the concrete as it reacts to the rock blend. Many times, the various materials in the rock mixture can leave a beautiful mottled look of varying hues and shades of your chosen color, leaving a textured look without the texture feel. The rugged but beautiful appearance is not for everyone, but it can be a gorgeous addition to many homes.

Strong Epoxy

One of the best products for covering a concrete floor is epoxy. Available in different formulas which offer different results, the product can fill the porous surface of the crushed rock mixture and seal the tiny airholes often left when using other products. Leaving a flexible surface, the epoxy can resist almost anything – from dents to the weight of an automobile.

Applied Dyes

The same method is used to dye concrete that is used to dye other surfaces. A colorful colorant is applied to the surface of the cement, and the pigment penetrates the surface and changes the color through a chemical reaction. Dramatic patterns and accents can be easily created using the dyes due to the flexibility of application and ease of blending of colors.

No matter where your concrete is located, be it commercial flooring or a home’s garage floor, you can brighten the area with a color, texture, or pattern of your choice. You no longer need to settle for the drab, outdated look of plain concrete. Add color to your life that will make you smile every time you enter the area.


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