Wine cabinet Expo: love for taste meets design

Eclectic, captivating, extremely fascinating andnever banal. In a nutshell, the Ferrari of wine storages. There are these,wanting to make the extreme synthesis of Expo, the characteristics of this innovativewine storage that has already conquered sommeliers, design experts, chefs andarchitects all over the world.

The idea behind the creation of this design wine cooler is certainly that of combining the love for wine (and its correct conservation for an ideal consumption) to the pleasure of beauty expressed in all its forms, even the most contemporary and particular ones.

Designed to elegantly display itswines in a restaurant or a wine bar, theExpo wine cooler is also the ideal product for those who liketo enrich their home with functional design objects and therefore not onlybeautiful and pleasant but also useful.

Wine, as we know, is one of the most famous and appreciated drink in the world. Its thousands of variations, of fragrances, of always different flavors, make it an indispensable accompaniment to fully enjoy any dish. This is why the goodness and beauty of the wine are enhanced by the display in these showcases specially made with a technology that allows to keep at the correct storage temperature every wine, white or red, to preserve all the olfactory and gustatory characteristics.

Available in different styles depending on the effect you want to achieve, the Expo products have an absolute record among the products of this type that is to be only 35 cm deep, a very small size that makes this design object even more beautiful to see without taking anything away from its functionality.

Imagine a wine storage that fills and embellishes a wall that wouldotherwise appear empty and unlit. A similar product is really the revolution of functional design,especially if you think about how much these wine coolers could be attractivefor the customers of a restaurant, for example, that seeing the bottles of wineon display may be more likely to purchase.

In short, the quality of the wine is enhanced by this wine cooler that looks like a real picture. And this is the idea behind the choice of this wine cellar for those who bought it for their home. This is a product so studied and exclusive that can’t miss in any house where design is the protagonist.

Born from the project of a sommelier who has made of his passion for wine a real job over the years, the windows for wine Expo continue to garner huge success even among the big names of the multi-starred gastronomy.

Present at the Salone del Mobile in Milan and at the LivingKitchen Fair in Cologne, this exclusive wine storage is the right choice for all those who wish to combine beauty and taste in a unique, incredible product that will amaze you.

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