Why It’s Important To Let Carpet Fully Dry After A Professional Cleaning

Wet carpets are the last thing you want in your home. So it’s important that they are allowed to dry fully after a professional carpet cleaning summerville. If not, you could be dealing with all kinds of health hazards that might result in your carpets being torn up and removed.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Let’s first try to avoid that situation by following these simple carpet cleaning tips for ensuring that your carpets turn out great after a professional’s touch.

Drying Times

If your preferred carpet cleaner has done their job correctly, it should only take about five or six hours for the carpet to fully dry after a steam cleaning. But if you find that your carpet is still wet or even damp after that time frame, you could have a problem on your hands.

The culprit is poor service. Your carpet cleaner should have extracted all of the water from the carpet so it isn’t allowed to remain. If that moisture stays in the carpet, you can be promoting mold and mildew which all but defeats the purpose of having your carpeting cleaned in the first place.

Some carpet cleaners offer certain quick drying methods to ensure the carpet dries properly and completely in the aforementioned time or less. It’s vital that you do your research into finding the best carpet cleaner for your carpeting and that means asking about their drying methods.

Risks of Wet Carpet

Mold and mildew are just some of the problems you could be taking on when your carpet is left to remain wet for a day or so after a steam cleaning. The aroma alone is enough to want to have the carpet taken out of your home as a carpet full of moisture will start to smell like mildew before long.

That is an odor which is more than just merely unpleasant, it can be harmful to your health as well. Mold is another dangerous component to this problem as you must not allow it to grow in or under the carpeting or the padding beneath. When mold sets in, your home is not only going to smell bad but you could be inhaling mold spores that are very bad for the health of you, your family, even your pets.

Mold can lead to all kinds of respiratory issues and trigger allergic reactions in sufferers who are easily susceptible to the effects of these allergens in the home.

So be sure to ventilate any room where a carpet remains wet after a professional steam cleaning. Open the windows, place fans inside, that way you can get the airflow moving properly and give the carpet a fighting chance to dry correctly. Before mold has a chance to grow and cause bigger issues down the line.

If not, your carpets may need to be removed and that’s not only going to be a massive inconvenience to remove all the furnishings standing upon it, the costs of removal and replacement of new carpet can get rather astronomical.

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