Turning your patio into an instant recreational space

After getting your patio with electric awnings, you’d soon see how convenient it is to have a retractable piece in your outdoor. Not only will it provide shade from the scorching heat of the summer or from the pouring rain during rainy season, it also offers an extra space for recreational activities for your family and house guests. That is why it is also important to ensure that your patio is party-ready whenever it calls for it.

How to? Here are some tips:

Pick a spot that’s warm and cozy. Even with retractable awnings for houses in your patio, not every spot has the same temperature; some may be warmer than the other depending on the time and location. Try to pick those areas. Which means you need to plan ahead if you intend to host a party or just gather your friends for a chill afternoon over board games. What’s important is that you pay attention to where the sun shines at what time for a certain day.

The good thing about planning for warm spots is that you know exactly where gather everyone in your patio.

Choose multi-functioning furniture pieces. Guests would understandably want to simply sit down on your patio, but it would be more interesting if you level up their experience by choosing furniture pieces that are multi-functional. Try those pieces that converts to a day bed or those that feature internal storage.

Set up a booze station. What’s a fun time with friends without alcohol and drinks? Whether it’s a planned or a spontaneous activity, a bottle or two of a beer or wine always spice up every gather. So try to set up a drink station under your electric awnings; just make sure that it comes with a storage for glasses as well as utensils for making drinks. The ideal spot for a drinking station should be that well-shaded by the patio awnings.

Set a festive atmosphere. Well this could be both literally and figuratively, but in the context of making your patio a recreational space, it literally means making sure the patio is festive by the looks of it. One way to do it is to add some lighting or a furniture piece in bright colour. You can also hang artworks or some pretty background to keep your walls alive (this one’s figurative of course!).

Wire it up. Now that you’ve already added some lights and colourful backdrops, spice it up a bit more by adding mounted speakers for music. If you don’t want it installed permanently in your patio, then just opt for a portable one.

Since yours is retractable awnings, you can customize how much shade you’d have in your patio to suit your recreational preference. Go on a full shade during afternoons, then retract it at night to enjoy the stars. Add up the things listed above and you’re in for a great fun day (or night) with your guests.

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