The Top 5 Carpet Colours in Trend

Choosing the colour of your carpet is one of the major tasks in home décor. You need to have a carpet that matches your house, and which blends in the décor. There are many colours to choose from, and this makes it harder for you to make a decision. 

1. Warm colours 

People are always scared of using bold colours for their carpets. This is because they consider a warm colour being too bright and will not match their home décor. You can throw in a red carpet in your living room or family room and see the difference it will make in your space. Try a red carpet in a dark room with a neutral wall colour. The red carpet will bring in the sense of trend, fashion and brighten the room. 

2. Going grey 

When people think of using a neutral colour for their carpets, they only think of beige and brown. It is time you spice up your home by trying a grey carpet. Neutral colours never go out of trend, and any shed of grey is a great colour for your home. You can contact any carpet suppliers to have a grey carpet delivered in your home (Click Here). 

3. Earthy tones 

The use of earthy tones for your carpet is a modern trend that has developed in many homes. Try using earthy tones like greens, light blues and stone colours to protect your floor. You can opt to add matching drapes or sofas to make your room seem neat and organized. However, you should avoid the use of earthy colours in areas with high traffic as they tend to show stains. Try using the earthy tone carpets in a place where there is less foot traffic and activities. 

4. Go bold 

Although most people prefer neutral colours for their carpets, you can opt to make a statement with your carpet. Go bold and try bold colours and patterns to make your home pop in colour. Try using the bold carpets at specific focal points in your home. You can choose animal prints and vibrant colours as your carpet colours. The key to pulling off and getting away with a vibrant, bold carpet is always to keep your home décor toned down and neutral. 

5. Twisted pile carpets 

The twisted pile carpets are the most popular type of carpet due to their style and the fact that they last longer and can be placed anywhere in the house. The twisted pile carpets come in a range of plain colours to choose from. Additionally, these carpets come in different price ranges to suit your budget without going overboard. The twisted pile carpets are easy to clean, and this makes it more popular as people are comfortable in using it. 


Try using the above colour trends to decorate your home and protect your floors. You can contact any carpet suppliers around your area to get the carpet colour that suits your décor.

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