Some Helpful Tips For Refreshing Old Carpet

Walk around your home and take a look at your carpet. Does it look like it did in that carpet buying guide or has it become dingy, faded, and damaged over time? Even the best maintained carpets need a little refreshing from time to time and those of you who have been less than diligent about performing routine maintenance might want to give that neglected floor covering some attention.

We buy carpet to beautify our homes but when it falls into disarray that’s the last thing it’s doing for your residence. It’s the same thing with commercial locations. You want to present a professional and organized appearance to customers and clientele and the first thing they will often notice is the condition of the carpet in your place of business.

So what do they see? A pristine, manicured carpet or something that looks like it was installed during the Nixon Administration with the wear and tear to prove it?

Whether it’s your home or your place of business, the carpet is a substantial part of that domain and if yours is in desperate need of some tender loving care we’ve got some helpful tips to give it a new lease on life.

Chem-Dry of Richmond

The key is to know why the carpet is in this condition and how to fix the problem. In most cases, your carpet is just in need of a thorough professional cleaning. We get it, life can get pretty hectic, time goes by and the next thing you realize it’s been about two to three years since you’ve had the carpet cleaned.

Well now’s the time to solve that problem by calling Chem-Dry of Richmond. One of our technicians can come out to diagnose the carpet and give it the full treatment to make it look brand new all over again. It starts with vacuuming the carpet to remove the top layer of filth and grime from the pile of your fibers.

This first step will usually make a big difference but that’s only part of the equation. Vacuuming can’t always get deep into the fibers to remove the dust and other contaminants that have gotten caught deep inside. That’s where the deep clean comes in. This way we can eliminate all of the germs and bacteria that can get stuck inside your carpet.

Not only does this mar the appearance of the carpet but it can create an unhealthy environment for you and your family to live in.

Having this work done is important for refreshing the look and feel of the carpet, particularly in homes with pets and heavy foot traffic. A good professional cleaning can also be effective at lifting those stubborn stains that keep getting stepped on and ground down into the material of your floor covering.

Faded Colors

After you have the carpet thoroughly cleaned you may discover it still looks faded and the colors and patterns have been muted. It may be due to any number of possible impacts that have lead to the dye in the carpet being affected in some way.

These include sunlight, excess moisture, or strong chemicals being spilled on the carpet by mistake and when these things are allowed to remain for long periods of time, it can result in faded colors. Unfortunately, vacuums and professional cleaners won’t be able to fix the damage.

If you’re experiencing this problem you may need to have a professional certified contractor come out to replenish the dyes in your carpet so you can alleviate the damage that’s been done. He or she can diagnose the extent of the problem and then propose a plan for restoring your old carpet to its natural luster.

You may want to avoid attempting to dye the carpet yourself as you may cause further, possibly irreparable, damage to the material.

Repairing Holes and Tears

Sometimes an old carpet can begin to fall apart in areas where there is constant repeated foot traffic. If you need to refresh your carpet, you’ll want to eliminate these small holes and tears by filling them. This is not a tough process to perform, all you need are some remnants of your carpet, which you may have lying around in your home. If not, maybe your carpet dealer can give you some swatches.

Simply measure the hole and cut it out. Then measure the same size on your carpet remnant, cut a new patch and stick it into the hole. Lay down some adhesive and push the new patch into place. Brush the fibers to cover the seams and, voila, your hole is gone!

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