Should You Hire A Handyman Or Contractor For Home Repairs?

Hiring a handyman or a contractor can be a real challenge when it comes to getting those home repairs finished. But making the decision as to choosing one over the other comes with a variety of factors and you may realize you’ve selected poorly only after it’s too late.

In an effort to help you avoid committing yourself to a potentially costly mistake, we’re going to take a deeper look into the differences that exist between the two and when it makes sense to hire each. Home repair projects can be expensive on their own, there’s no sense in paying more than is necessary just because you’ve hired the wrong individual to perform the work.

The most important distinction between a handyman and a contractor is the license. The latter are typically licensed to perform certain types of jobs whereas a handyman does not have this accreditation. That can be the most important determining factor over which one you select to hire as certain projects are regulated by state and local laws and statutes.

If you don’t comply with those codes you could be facing considerable fines and even work stoppages that will leave your home in disrepair for weeks or even months. So it’s important to get this right from square one. We’re going to help you do just that:

Hiring a Licensed Contractor

When you bring a licensed contractor onto your job, you are getting an individual who has been fully licensed by the state or registered his or her services with state regulators. The licensing process is no walk in the park either, as earning that license requires passing examinations and complying with various competency requirements established for workers plying a specific trade. He or she is also expected to continue meeting those requirements in order to keep their certification valid.

Being licensed also requires holding a liability insurance policy at the very minimum (most reputable licensed contractors will also carry other forms of insurance as well). Simply put, hiring a contractor means you are getting an individual who has been properly and thoroughly trained to perform specific types of work in compliance with state regulatory criteria.

Hiring a Handyman

A handyman can have the same level of skill and expertise as a contractor, but that individual does not have any legal responsibility to comply with state regulatory criteria. In fact, just about anyone can say they’re a “handyman” and put their services out for hire. This is where you need to be careful as due diligence is the key to avoiding a potential problem.

That’s why all of our workers at Handyman Matters Richmond are fully vetted before we send anyone to your home. We conduct routine assessments of our workers to ensure their complete professionalism while performing work that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Hiring a handyman shouldn’t be fraught with uncertainty and doubt, our personnel are well-equipped to handle just about any job, any project, any size.

Making the Right Choice

This brings us back to our original question, which one should you hire? That all depends on the kind of work you need performed because there are some jobs that can only be done by a licensed contractor.

Each state has different mandates as to whether you are bound by law to hire a licensed contractor over a handyman. In the state of California, the law mandates that you must hire a licensed contractor if all of the components of the job including materials and labor costs equal more than $500. There are similar laws in other states around the country.

So before you decide on choosing a handyman or a licensed contractor determine what the job will entail in terms of costs for completion and check with any local statutes that must be complied with considering these costs. That is usually your best first step towards deciding whether you need a handyman or a contractor to do the work for you.

It all depends on the extent of the work you need done and the complexity of the project. Bigger jobs may need a licensed contractor to come in and then hire sub-contractors to do other aspects of the work necessary for completing the job.

A handyman is a good choice for smaller and simpler home repairs that can be accomplished in a shorter period of time. You should also make sure to get references on any individual who enters your home and you can rest assured all of our workers come with many whom you can contact to ask about their quality of work.

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