How to find and repair the damaged perimeter cable of your robot lawn mower?

Are you having a robot lawn mower at home?

Are you making use of it and getting the scheduled tasks from it for lawn mowing and keeping?

Have you already got a shelter to provide protection to your robot lawn mower?

If so, then you must have settled the perimeter wire or the cable for the proper and efficient working o the robot lawn mower. The perimeter cable of the robot lawn mower is something that helps you get the best out of your mower as it defines the path at which the mower has to work. This installation of the wire is like doing most of the work required for the installation, however, the professional installation can give you some trouble as well when you are regularly getting the services of you robot lawn mower.

There are a number of reasons why your robot lawn mower’s perimeter cable could get severed over years. You would get to know about the damaged perimeter cable when you will be fully charging the battery but it won’t be giving you any satisfactory results or the mower would not work at all. That would mean that you have a severed power cable.  Here are the reasons for which your cable could have gone bad.

  • The perimeter cable could get damaged while you are gardening
  • It could also happen due to severe weather conditions such as extremely hot or extremely cold weathers
  • The pebbles that move on the earth during wind and storm can cut into the cable
  • The poor installation of the lawn mower can make it cut or damage the perimeter wire itself
  • The pets or the stray animals could also effect and damage the wire of the robot lawn mower

You would be glad to know that the Fil de périmètre cassèor the breaking of the perimeter wire of the robot lawn mower does not happen very often, rather it happens rarely but finding the point of error could be something frustrating. Some people think that in order to locate the fault and to find out how to fix it, you will have to unplug all the wire and then check where it is, however you can do so easily by following these few steps.

  • First check the terminals and the connections of the battery to the wire. Check if all the connections are in place. Check if the arrival and departure cables are working fine as well.
  • If the connections are fine then move all the way long in the garden and search for the physical damage or broken wire. Fix the error here and get it started.
  • Go for the radio method to find the error where you set the AM frequency to 700Hz and then look for some interference in the current to find the error.
  • You can also make use of the method defined by the manufacturer for locating and fixing the damage.

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