Furniture & Home Decor 2019: your guide to a stylish home.

This 2018 has brought many innovations in the field of interior design, starting with the overpowering return of wallpapers, floral, colourful and with tropical patterns. How to not think then about pastel colors that, in addition to characterizing the walls of our houses, were also chosen for furniture and furnishings. Moreover, the protagonists of this year, that’s about to end were gold and antique rose, denoting a return to the ancient and the Baroque. What should we expect instead for this new year in terms of furnishing trends? Not only many new products, but also many revisiting of what we are already used to seeing in our homes.

Scandinavian design rules!

Minimalism will prevail in our living rooms and in the living areas of the house, as has already happened this year: so again, less furnishings, less decorations, more open and larger spaces. Here’s what we’ll see shortly in the furniture magazines: the open spaces will be further revalued and enhanced, with minimal furniture, and only where it’s necessary. One of the most common materials in furniture stores will be glass, which will be used for a great variety of accessories and knickknacks: this material will undoubtedly be among next year’s absolute protagonists, together with wood, cast iron and iron. That’s right, because we will see the ethnic and industrial styles prevailing.
Next year will be all about mixes: we’ll see styles and influences from different places and eras blend together and embrace one another in elegant and sophisticated balances, resulting in personalized and unique environments. In fact, although minimal is the protagonist of this new year, it will be alternated and sometimes combined with elements of furniture that have nothing to do with the famous Nordic style, but that if approached carefully and with the right aesthetic eye, will be able to refine and add character to every room of the house.

Contemporary sofas combined with ethnic bookcases or cast-iron tables under golden chandeliers: this is the new challenge for anyone who wants or needs to give a new touch to their home.

What color will you choose?

The 2018 colors, as we previously anticipated, were mainly based on soft pastel shades: in 2019 these pastels will be replaced quite abruptly by saturated and bright colors, such as intense blue, green and dark red or bright yellow .
Finally the timeless black and white, which will be matched in an interesting way, with strong contrasts So get ready to say goodbye to the romantic 2018 and to greet the new year, which will certainly be more determinate and intense.

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