Create Wonderful Interior Spaces with the Extraordinary Husk Chair 

A celebration of softness, the iconic Husk Chair is the result of a long development process conducted by Patricia Urquiola to create a versatile armchair. Her work is famous worldwide for containing traces of playful and poetic elements that add a flair of life to them. It was aimed at being both unique in its own persona and able to complement even the most classic setups without seeming out of place.

And yet it is common knowledge that there are countless designs available out there to help you acquire the home of your dreams, only if you are willing to be open-minded about it. There are a lot of strategies and materials you can make use of to create a good looking indoor household. To help you out we’ve come up with a comprehensive outline of layout ideas, so browse ahead and find out:

  1. Recline with a serene background:


The ingenuity behind the thoughtful craftsmanship of the Husk Chair allows it to serve as a visually appealing piece of modern furnishing. With her roots firmly planted in Italy but born in Spain, Patricia’s seating design is internationally recognized as a beacon of pragmatic functionality and visual attraction. The sample chosen above depictures how the plush cushions and white-framed legs of this chair, sat upon a pretty carpet, in front of expansive windows that are brimming with natural light, a cascade of unending green landscapes and polished ornaments all create a free-spirited space. The welcoming core of the seat situated in free, organic space such as this oozes heavenly feelings.

  1. Fill up open spaces:


The magic behind the masterpiece that is the Husk Chair is its ability to constantly allow you the freedom to rethink, reinvent and construct novel living spaces. Beautifully demonstrated above is a contemporary lounge that capitalizes on the concept of maximalist ideologies. The ultimate purpose of this chair is to serve as an assistive tool that accommodates relaxation without sacrificing architectural beauty. The arrangement captured above will definitely satisfy modern sensibilities as the harmony between urban elements from the clean, rectilinear glass center table, leather couches and tasteful painting alongside rural elements from the woodwork pillars, console, and subtle greenhouse effect works well together.

  1. Complement the bedroom:


The Husk Chair is imbued with technologically developed materials, novel craft techniques, and industrial processes to give a final product that is stunning in nature. This timeless entity boasts a striking frame that fits in effortlessly in 21s century bedroom spaces like the one pictured above. The chair adds a fantastic burst of character into this master bedroom and genuinely creates a stylish, up-to-date yet classy room you’d love to show off. Here this cozy sofa acts as an anchor, tying the whole room together. The polished wooden flooring, slim bodied tables, and lamps, an abundance of light pouring in from the tall windows and myriad of lamps and the neutral theme all portray a scheme that is minimalistic yet cozy and highly inviting.

  1. An outdoor location:


If you choose to invest in a family of Husk Chairs, you can cleverly take advantage of their soft, sinuous shapes to form a conversation zone outside. Characterized by its utilitarian purpose, this armchair is able to adapt anywhere without seeming out of place. The brickwork flooring and surrounding brick wall serve as the perfect foundation upon which to position the enclosed arrangement captured above. The careful space planning together with open-aired ambiances makes the whole space feel like a lighthearted escape for friends, families and a comforting flow of conversation.

  1. The monochrome option:


The Husk Chair is a revolutionary design that can be used in vastly differing settings with a mix of modern pieces that highlight its gracefully flowing, and abundantly comforting form. Here it functions as both a freestanding article and statement piece making it the focal point in the room. Placed within a neutral yet visually stimulating, hushed arena as seen above, it is really a serene setting. The bare white walls, shelves, window frame, and flooring highlight its fabulous frame. The design idea here is making use of modest décor pieces but adding textures and elements with carefully chosen decoration pieces to augment its lovely build. The unfettered calm and harmony depicted here is a result of the luxurious body of this seat.

Owing to its appreciable ergonomic shape and physically handsome design, it shouldn’t prove to be too difficult to incorporate the Husk Chair. You can always consult this guide for assistance when you don’t feel very imaginative.

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