6 Times Your Home Needs a Handyman’s Help

Sometimes referred to as a jack-of-all-trades, the handyman can be one of the best solutions to many of your home’s minor issues. Once known as the odd-jobber, these talented men and women have been employed by homeowners and business managers for hundreds of years. Known for loving to work with their hands and fix things, these skilled individuals can help you bring creative solutions to problems around your home.

Repair Walls

It is more common than you may believe – a hole in the drywall because a sharp edge of furniture bumped it and cracked the papered surface of the sheetrock. Call for handyman services Dayton and let them mud, sand, seal, and paint the problem away. You won’t even know the hole was there.

Water Problems

Yard watering lines can develop problems as they age, and sometimes the lines can cause flooding in the yard next to the house. Rather than risk a flood in your crawlspace or basement, hire a handyman to mend the hose, fix the sprinkler, or repair the PVC pipe in the yard.

Painting Changes

Over time, the color of your home’s painted walls can become dingy, stained, and faded. You may also change your mind about the sailor’s grey you used in the bathroom and want to change to sea foam blue. To get the quickest painting results, call for a handyman’s help.

Electrical Issues

Although major electrical issues need to be handled by a licensed electrician, when you want to change an outlet cover, replace a ceiling fan, or repair a broken piece of your chandelier, a handyman can help with those and many other tasks around the house.

Yard Work

Trimming trees, cleaning gutters, and spreading mulch are all tasks that need to be done yearly, and of course, the handyman can help. He or she can also help you move plants, put in a stone walkway, or set up a cement edging to a garden spot.

Children’s Toys

Yes, the impossible Christmas toys may come with an instruction sheet, but they can also be difficult to put together. From the doll house to the bike to the three-wheeler, the handyman can probably figure it out in no time. Don’t forget about that outdoor fort, tree house, or gym set you wanted for the kids – the handyman can do that, too.

For hundreds of years, the handyman has been there to help the homeowner or business manager with a multitude of tasks. Give one a call when you find yourself facing a task, and you need help – they can be there for you.


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