5 Important Pressure Washing Safety Tips

We all want our homes to look beautiful on the inside and out. One of the best ways to ensure the latter is by using a power washer to clear away all those thick ugly layers of dirt, soot, grime, and dulling build-up that can get caked up on your house and negatively mar its appearance.

But while you may believe that simply renting the washer, hooking it up, and spraying down the home is an easy task, you can actually do more harm than good if you don’t take certain safety precautions to help protect you, your family, your pets, and your home. The fact of the matter is that you are dealing with high pressure streams of water being exerted with significant force.

Enough to seriously injure yourself and others and possibly even destroy parts of the house. So before you get to work, please review these five very important pressure washing safety tips that can help you avoid the risks that come from working with this type of equipment.

1. Never Aim at Others

This is first and foremost the top priority when working with a power washer. Never, ever, for any reason, aim the nozzle at people or animals, no matter what. The water that jets out of the nozzle of your power washer is coming out at such levels of pressure that you can seriously injure someone or possibly kill them.

2. Consider Your Surface

Since you’re sending water out with such major force, you should also be sure that the surfaces you plan to clean are able to withstand the type of impact that pressure washing provides. It’s true most home exteriors are usually able to stand up to a high-powered cleaning form a pressure washer, but if there are small fractures or cracks in the surface, that could make them vulnerable to damage.

3. Avoid the Windows

While we’re on the subject of surfaces, it should be obvious that you must avoid hitting your windows with a pressure washer. Most types of glass will crack or even shatter under the heavy force of a power washer’s stream. Even adjusting your nozzle and lowering the pressure of the water can still do damage to the window glass of your home.

4. Water Temperature

One of the components to play a role in the efficacy of your pressure-washing has to do with the temperature of the water that is being used. Pressure is going to do a lot of the work in clearing away the build-up that accumulates around the home, but water temperature will help you get all of it wiped away. That means using hot water for those particularly tough jobs. Be sure to watch out when working with hot water. You can burn yourself or others.

5. Call For Help

Sometimes, the best way to avoid getting injured or doing serious damage to the outside of the home is by hiring experts to do the work for you. Just give renew crew of fort worth a call and one of our technicians will come out with the right equipment to do the job right.

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