How To Add Some Personality To Your Picket Fence

Having a picket fence is a good way to maintain some semblance of privacy while improving the appearance of your home’s property boundaries. They’re also a good source of security from any intruders who may be targeting your home.

But let’s face it, picket fences can be boring. Sure they’re reliable even if they lack panache or pizzazz. While there’s something traditional, familiar, even comforting about a standard white picket fence there is absolutely room for improvement.

So we’re going to take a look at how you can give that plain old fence a little bit of personality. You have a number of options available to fit just about any size budget. Homeowners seeking fence installation richmond va may want to take some of these ideas to heart so their new fence reflects the style of the exterior of the property.

Some New Paint

Let’s start with the color of your picket fence. White is fine for some things but if we’re looking to give your fence a little pop, then it’s a no go here. If you’re not using white, then you need to consider an alternative color carefully.

Go with something that matches the overall décor of your home’s exterior. How much it matches is up to you but you may want to choose a complementary shade instead of using an identical color. But whatever color you do select, you can be sure that your fence will stand out a lot more than if you simply paint it white.

Swap Out the Hardware

Whether you decide to go with a white fence or something that brings a splash of color to your home’s exterior, you should turn your attention to the hardware on your gate to give it some additional flair.

The hardware we’re talking about includes your hinges, handles, the latch, basically anything that the posts are equipped with to give it the sort of functionality you expect. Looking to the hardware as a way for sprucing up the aesthetics of your picket fence can be very effective in bringing about some personality.

Hit up your local hardware store and check out the wide selection of decorative hinges and handles that offer a little more pizzazz than the norm. But make sure they don’t clash with the décor style of your home. Going with an antique effect on a fence that surrounds a home with more modern furnishings is probably not the best mix of styles.

Decorative Accoutrements

For even more panache, consider adding some decorative enhancements that can bring even more pep to your picket fence. One of the more popular options that homeowners decide on uses decorative post caps that are seated at the tops of each post.

You can find gorgeous toppers in a variety of materials and some of them can even bring additional lighting to the areas around your fence. The lights are in the toppers themselves, placed atop the posts of your fence in any pattern you choose.

Landscaping Ideas

Sometimes it’s what you place around the fence that can give it some personality. Consider the idea of bringing some landscaping to the fence surrounding your home. That means incorporating grass, plants, flowers, and shrubs along the fence line to help it stand out.

Doing this can also give you more privacy and security as well, enhancing both with an extra layer of protection lining the fence and making it that much more difficult to see into your property.

Much like with the paint color you select, give some thought to the exterior décor of the home when you choose the plants, bushes, and flowers you plan to install near the fence. But you should also take the extra step of considering the look of your picket fence and be sure your flora complements it nicely.

The choice of landscaping should also be made with the climate of your region in mind. Some things can survive the extremes of four seasons better than others, so only choose those plants and shrubs that will thrive in the area where you live.

If you’re looking for extra privacy, go with trees and thick shrubbery to cut down the eyeline past your picket fence. This may give the appearance of closing off your home from the outside world, so take that into consideration before you start planting. Don’t be afraid to be bold in your selections either.

But whatever you choose, you can be sure your fence will have an enhanced aesthetic and a personality all its own.

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