Five Common Things That Could Be Ruining Your Fabric Sofa

A sofa set is perhaps the most conspicuous item in every home and in some offices. But it is the reclaimed sofa model that has become the ultimate piece for people who want an extra thrill in their homes. As a vintage piece, most or all of the parts’ design are borrowed from history. Though this is what makes every vintage sofa more satisfying, it is important to be extra careful for extra thrill and higher value for money.

It will surprise you that though you anticipate more from the piece, what you do could be going against the same goal. Here are some things you do that could be ruining your enthralling fabric sofa.

Five things that could be ruining your fabric sofa

  1. Using the same spot all the time

It is true; human beings like other animals gravitate towards a specific point that makes them more comfortable. This is especially evident when it comes to the sofa set in the house. However, sitting on the same point of your fabric sofa can easily make it saggy and wear faster than others. Instead, you should mix up the sitting spots; start with the right, then left, and the middle to help distribute weight and extend the utility of the Westminster button Jack’dn brok’n or other vintage sofa.

  1. Jumping on the reclaimed sofa

When people get back at home, the warmth of the space and special freedom can be too much making them feel like jumping on the sofa. In other cases, the desire to jump on the sofa can be prompted by very good news or even bad news. However, no matter the cause of anxiety, jumping on the sofa can easily damage the frame and develop squeaks. Remember that the same approach should be applied to recliners of the Vintage sofa.

  1. Failing to vacuum the sofa

You never forget to vacuum the carpet every week. However, do you vacuum the sofa? The fabric sofa, unlike the leather model, can allow the dust and food crumbs to pass through. If you do not vacuum the sofa often, the dirt will accumulate and start damaging the sofa even faster.

To effectively vacuum the sofa, it is advisable to remove the cushions and vacuuming all areas including the corners. You should also use an upholstery attachment for intensive cushion vacuuming.

  1. Exposing the sofa to a lot of pollutants

One thing that you should appreciate when using reclaimed sofa is that grime and everyday dirt are not the only threats. You need to also be aware of other pollutants such as cigarette smoke and kitchen grease. To prevent these pollutants, it is advisable to install a hood on the cooking range to help filter smoke from the kitchen. You should also avoid smoking indoors. These changes will go a long way in preventing discoloration and bad smells from the sofa.

  1. Failing to rotate the cushion

If you want to optimize the life of any sofa, it is advisable to regularly rotate the cushions. You should flip the cushions so that the side that was facing down previously is now up. You should even swap the cushion position. This will help to spread the use and reduce the risk of uneven wearing. Besides, rotating the cushions helps you to inspect even the hidden sections of the Gatsby Sofa and clearing them immediately.

When you decide to buy a reclaimed sofa set, the focus should be getting more from it. Even as you work on matching the living room theme with lights and wall art, it is important to avoid the outlined mistakes. If you want the best from the sofa, make sure to also treat it well.

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