Benefits Of Painting Your Window Trim Black

Your windows can do more than just increase airflow in your home. They can go a long way toward turning your home from a cookie-cutter property into a modern, chic residence. Think a simple coat of paint can’t do all that? You’d be surprised. Adding a black trim is a perfect way to draw the eye and create a sharp color accent. It can do other great things for your home’s visuals, too, like making the room look bigger or making certain works of art or statement pieces stand out even more. If you’re about to buy new windows from Richmond Window Corp. and you’re ready to be a bit more visually adventurous with your purchase, you should definitely consider painting at least a few of the trims on your home windows black or dark blue for a visual sophistication that friends and neighbors will be talking about for years. Here are just a few reasons why painting a dark trim is a stylish choice for your windows.

Make Your Frames Stand Out

Let’s say you have a number of show-stopping windows in your kitchen or living room. You’re probably trying to find a way to make them stand out, rather than fading into the background. What’s the best way to do this? Simple: Painting a black trim. If your space is mostly white or light-colored, your windows won’t stand a chance of standing out. That’s truly a shame if you spent a lot of time and effort making your windows the centerpiece of the room. If you have a large picture window that frames a gorgeous view, bow or bay windows which draw the eye, or a vintage repurposed window you’re totally in love with, do yourself a favor and give them a black trim just to make sure they never go unnoticed. It won’t just help your windows stand out, either. Adding this trim will help add some dimension to the larger rooms in your home where the eye tends to get lost. If you already have black or dark-colored accents in a room, such as black tile or dark wood floors in a bathroom, the black trim will create an even more stunning compliment to its surroundings.

Ditch Treatments

Window treatments are great, but they can potentially cost a lot of money and time. Besides, what if you’re going for a more minimalist look? Ditch the fancy window trimmings, shades, and curtains for a minimalist black trim and create a bold look for your windows that doesn’t require any primping or fussing. Your windows will be able to stand alone and look great in any season. Imagine the view on a snowy day, with the light of the falling snow providing a perfect contrast to the black framing of your window. As the ultimate complementary color, black simply can’t be beat. While many homeowners try to stay away from black and other dark colors in the home, they can actually help create a lot of depth while enhancing other colors and treatments in a room. For instance, if you’re furnishing an all-white room with a few brightly-colored pieces, you’re on your way to creating a visually interesting look for your interior. But without the right dark accents, you could end up turning your room into something resembling a child’s playspace. Black helps turn neutrals edgy, keep views looking sharp and engaging, and provide the perfect amount of adult sophistication for treatment styles that experiment with bold patterns and color. Black trim can even help make a more pattern-heavy room look less chaotic and more balanced to the eye.

Create Contrast

When designing your ideal home, it’s not enough to pick colors and patterns that go together or feel neutral. Contrast is an important part of creating a home that looks truly sophisticated. Anyone can mix and match a few neutral colors to create a nice-looking space. But you want to do more than that: You want your choices to stand out and create the perfect canvas for interesting visual focal points, eccentric artwork, and breathtaking views. To do this, you can’t simply play it safe. A black trim doesn’t have to be intimidating. You can start small, but painting a thinner trim on one of your smaller home windows. Once you see the instant effect it creates, you’re sure to fall in love, especially if you’re already a fan of contrast and bold colors. Choosing a black trim will help create an artistic feeling that will turn your home’s interior into a modernist masterpiece.

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