Wondering What to Do With Those Old Photos? Organizing and DIY Ideas

Taking photos is a great way to capture a memory forever. Photos of family, friends, events, and favorite places are fun to have around to look back on. But if you take a lot of pictures, you may find it difficult to keep all your photos organized. Fortunately, there are some simple and fun ways to organize and display your favorite pictures.

Create yearly photo books

Combining all of your favorite pictures from the past year into a photo book or scrapbook is the perfect way to organize your photos. You can have fun looking back on all of the things you did over the past year and put the pictures in chronological order. This way, you can look back at yearly memories whenever you want to.

Organize them into bins

If you have a surplus of pictures, displaying them all might be impossible. In this case, you may want to consider simply storing your photos in bins. You can use divider tabs to organize them by date, event, or even people. Find an organization system that works for you so you can easily find photos when you want to.

Hang pictures up

Of course, photos can be hung up on walls and put around your home or office space. Hanging photos can allow you to look at pictures of family and friends on a daily basis—choose some of your favorite pictures to hang and you can update them as the years go by. Whether they’re in frames or simply pinned on a display board, hanging photos is something everyone should do.

Make a photo travel map

For those people who travel a lot, a photo travel map can be a fun project. You can print out a big map, whether it’s the states or the whole world. Then, when you take a photo in a new place, print that photo out—cut the photo to fit the shape of the state or country on the map and glue it on. This is a great way to show off your adventures and encourage you to fill in as much of the map as possible.

Put photos on everyday items

If hanging photos isn’t something that interests you but you still want to see your photos, consider putting them on everyday items. Photos can be printed on mugs, phone cases, and even t-shirts. So pick an item that you’ll use regularly, choose a favorite photo, and have it printed.

Mod podge photos onto wood

Another fun way to display photos is on wood. This is a simple project—find a piece of flat wood and choose a picture. Put the photo face down on the wood and apply mod podge over it. Once it dries, you’ll be able to peel off the paper from the photo and the photo will have transferred onto the wood, resulting in a timeless picture display.

Switch to digital storage

In today’s digital age, there’s no reason to worry about having film developed or printing all of your pictures. Instead, you can invest in a digital photo storage tool, like ibi photo, to safely store all of your photos online. With this tool, you can store, organize, and even share your photos. This eliminates the hassle of printing photos and finding places in your home to store them. You can easily find a photo you’re looking for and share it with your friends or family whenever you want to.

If you’re someone who takes a lot of photos, you may want to consider one of these organization or display ideas. But for the most convenient photo organization, consider going digital.

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