The types of water damage and their restoration

Before understanding the water damage, you need to know about the types of water that cause the damage. There are three categories of water that can damage your property.

  • category 1: clean water
  • Category 2: gray water
  • Category 3: black water

Clean water: It comes from clean water sources like a leaking faucet, pipe, broken supply line, water heater and rainwater etc. If it is not treated on time, it can change into the other two categories.

Gray water: It comes from the overflow of dishwasher, washing machine or that of toilet without feces. It can make you ill because it may contain bacteria or viruses.

Black water: it may include flood water from rivers and other sources, containing untreated sewage and microbes that can cause serious illness and even death if you come in contact with it.

If your air conditioners are not serviced routinely and maintained, then moisture can gather and lead to leak. This can cause water damage and give a spreading ground to mold and mildew. Hot water tanks, washing machines, refrigerators and dishwasher are some of the appliances in your house that can deteriorate with time and cause water damage to your house or business.

Faults in the sewer system can lead to sewage backup into your house. The sewage would discharge from toilets, floor drain pipes and sinks and damage your house. The gutter outside your house or business can block and cause sewage overflow that would spread on the sides of your property and flow in its foundation, thus leading to water damage.

The pipes running inside your property can also leak or burst due to weather or pressure changes or due to wearing out. In winter, the pipes can freeze and burst also. Leaking toilets, bathrooms and dripping faucets would indicate that there is a hidden plumbing issue in your place.

Whatever the cause, if you are facing a major water damage to your dwelling or business, that cannot be controlled by yourself, you need to call your local water restoration services. They would know what to do and how to do as they face such situations in routine. Their technicians would be fully trained with advanced techniques, using the best equipment and having years of experience in dealing with such damages.

The professionals from a water damage restoration company would first evaluate the damage and the root cause of it and discuss with you the estimated cost of the cleanup and restoration. Then they would share with you their plan of work and only when you are satisfied with all of this, they would quickly start their work. They would first mend the root problem causing the water damage. Then they would remove the excessive water from your property and clean it up properly with the most appropriate appliances and chemical cleaners. They would disinfect the area thoroughly to prevent any microorganisms from growing or spreading any disease and remove the bad smell. They would completely dry the area and your possessions like furniture and carpeting and dehumidify your property to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

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