The materials for the construction of chairs

The materials for the construction of chairs

The materials used to build the chairs have evolved thanks to market demands and the needs of end users. So today it is much more the choice of the materials used together with the techniques for the realization of any model of table or chair.

The same happened for the metal components present in the construction of a chair that today are of quality, with a strong aesthetic impact and a versatile utility. A little like the products offered by the Metalmeccanica brand, which manages to expand the scope of the same accessories, compared to previous years. For any info about it, visit the website

The use of Metals

Among the new materials used for making tables and chairs, the various types of metal on the market cannot be overlooked. It is a versatile, resistant and ergonomic material, the metal represents in various types an element on which to design each chair. The various types of metals used to build tables and chairs are:

  • steel, name given to an alloy inside which both iron and carbon converge, the latter in a percentage no higher than 2.11%: beyond this limit, the properties of the material change and the alloy takes on the name of cast iron.
  • aluminum, a metal that pleases given its silver color. Aluminum is extracted in particular from bauxite minerals. It is known for its softness, its lightness and its resistance.
  • cast iron, (also known up to the nineteenth century ferraccio for its lower quality and poorer workability than mild steel) is an iron-carbon alloy (or ferrous alloy) with a relatively high carbon content obtained by reducing or at least heat treatment of iron ores.
  • metal that is extracted from its minerals, consisting of various chemical elements coming from the iron itself (mainly, oxides).

 Synthetic materials Extremely

Extremely widespread as materials used to build tables and chairs, the synthetic elements, given their extreme malleability, are widely diffused among the various furniture manufacturers. The various types of synthetic materials used for the formation of chairs are, plastic laminate, melamine, polypropylene, polycarbonate.

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