Persian Rug Care

When you own a fine Persian rug, it’s sure to add warmth and to contribute to the attractiveness of your home. Therefore, it’s vital that you follow a careful cleaning regimen to accommodate the delicate fabrics from which these beautiful, ornate rugs are comprised. Even when one is careful with the cleaning of their Persian rug, damage can ensue, so it’s vital to take extra care when cleaning and maintaining these rugs.

Removing human factors aside from normal wear and tear from reducing the life and quality of these enriching home decor items is important. It’s possible to battle the degradation in your rug’s quality due to aging and to slow the effects of aging with regard to your rug by utilizing some of the methods that will be illustrated in this article or you can find more help on

Maintaining Your Rug’s Colour & Appearance

Move your rug and your furnishings placed on the rug frequently. Furniture placed on the rug creates innate pathways travelled on your rug. Change the furniture positions on your rug as soon as possible to facilitate a change in these natural pathways. This will make your rug’s wear pattern even, as opposed to all the wear appearing in a single portion of the rug. Keeping its appearance uniform will maintain its appearance.

To untwist any fringe on your Persian rug, flip the end of the rug over to straighten the twisted fringe. Don’t comb out the rug’s fringe, because this can cause damage to its natural fibres. The action of flipping your rug’s end over can be performed by gently grasping one end of the carpet and walking it over to the opposite end. Your rug will then be positioned upside down, straightening out the fringe. To assist your fringe in straightening out, shake the rug carefully.

Cleaning Your Rug

Be sure to keep your rug clean by regularly vacuuming the adornment. This will maintain the natural fibres in the rug from being depressed. If you own an aging, antique, or particularly valuable rug, it’s smart to utilize the detachable hose on your vacuum, as opposed to the rotating brush that can take hold of fibres that are coming loose and run or rip your rug.

Make sure you clean up spills on your rug immediately. It’s not a good idea to use bleach or soap when cleaning your Persian rug. To clean up a spill on your valuable furnishing, absorb the liquid from the spill utilizing paper towels in a gentle dabbing motion that begins with the outer corners of the spill area, moving towards the middle of the spill.

This action will stop the spill from spreading to other portions of your rug. Be sure to put paper towels beneath the spill to fight further damage to the rug’s backing. Only clean up a spill with water. In the event that you can’t remove the spill on your own, consult the assistance of a professional rug clean, who has experience with fine Persian rugs.

Sun Damage

To stop sun damage in its tracks, don’t expose your rug to direct sunlight, as it can cause irreparable damage to your rug, such as fading in the area where it’s exposed to the sun. I emphasize this fact when you own an antique rug or a rug that is created with natural dyes to add colour to the piece.

Practice rotation of your rug often when it’s exposed to sunlight. Once a month is an appropriate rotation schedule to keep your rug’s colours vital. Even if your rug fades, the fading will be even, so your rug will appear uniform with regard to its vibrant colours. If your rug isn’t in a high sunlight area, an appropriate rotation schedule would be to move the piece a minimum of four, yearly.

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