How to Reinvent Your Kitchen Cheaply

Due to the current change of trends and designs, we may consider reinventing our kitchen, which sometimes can be very expensive and beyond our budget. When reinventing our kitchen space, we can change the outlook of the available items such as the wall painting, cabinet designs, lighting, including others. We can also choose to remove all the existing items and replacing them with those that suit our preferences. When reinventing a kitchen, we should ensure that we work within a certain budget to avoid any unnecessary and extreme spending.

The following are some of the ways we can use when reinventing our kitchen space cheaply;

• Consider kitchen door replacement

When changing our kitchen’s look, we should think about cheap methods to create the feel of a spruce up. This could be through a kitchen door replacement. Most of the time, we tend to forget that our kitchen door counts in relation to the style of our kitchen. Kitchen doors can present a specific look to your kitchen that you desire, which can be done at a small cost compared to a full kitchen refurb. For professional guidance and fittings, visit

• Paint the cabinets

Painting the cabinets is one of the cheapest ways to create a fresh look in your kitchen space. Choose whatever colour suits the appliances in your kitchen and represents the style you want to create.

• Change the cabinet doors

In the recent past, cabinet doors were all made of wood. As of late, the trend has changed to encourage glass doors which look classier, thus providing a better and clear look of our neat spaces.

• Change of the lighting

Kitchen lighting is very important when it comes to improving the look of our kitchens. It is necessary to ensure that the room is bright and colourful enough to provide a welcoming and fresh look that you can work in. Choose spotlights for a more modern kitchen, or a larger, hanging fitting for a more traditional one.

• Changing the tap

A stainless-steel designed tap should be considered while reinventing the kitchen because they create a clean and sharp look to your kitchen Go for a copper, rustic looking tap if you want a more traditional styled kitchen.

• Creating an island

If space is big enough, you can consider adding an island to a suitable space in the kitchen. One may think that it would increase the budget, but that is not the case. This can be done using an old cabinet that is no longer in use, paint it and use the shelves as storage space.

• Rearranging the kitchen space

When reinventing the kitchen, you can simply make some rearrangements to the placements of furniture and appliances, which will cost less and it’s easy to do. It just requires little time and planning to see what works best and where.

There are other small changes that can help in creating a new look to our kitchens, such as placing a bright mat just beneath the kitchen sink, which also helps in reducing accidents in case of slippery floors. You could add accessories like fancy stickers on the fridge door, hanging a pendant light, or change the flooring by installing porcelain tiles with unique designs. Visit for inspiration and fittings.

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