High-tech makes the difference in the production of metal components

CATAS certified machines to guarantee quality

CATAS is a European standards certification for machines that specify testing methods for establishing the resistance and durability of structures for all types of seatings. Thanks to CATAS machines it is possible to print an ABS prototype of your ideal product and perform stress, strength and durability tests. CATAS certification therefore is a guarantee for the quality of our products, that is also supported by AlbaCustom’s know-how and expertise.

Having a prototype ready before the creation of a real version of the product is great help to evaluate the product and to determine which aspects are worth and which need to be revised. Also, it gives the opportunity to understand if there are any production issues or difficulties that might create problems for the final product. Another advantage of prototyping is the possibility to evaluate production costs and make some changes if necessary, in order to meet as much as possible all customer’s demands.

Other types of technologically advanced machinery are used to provide a wide range of processes in the production of metal parts and components for our products.

Computerised production processes

Every process in our workshop has been computerised to guarantee a time-efficient service to our customers. Samples and prototypes are given priority in our processes so that, when they are ready, production can start without wasting time. The employment of highly-skilled staff also limit time wasting because they help prevent rejects and non-conformity products, starting from raw material to the finished ones.

Following a step by step process for production allows us to get rid of production issues and to keep high standards for delivery times.

Prototypes, highly-advanced technology, step-by-step process and quick delivery are the reasons why our customers trust us year after year and our company is known all over the world for being reliable and of great quality.

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