Five Ways to Decorate a College Dorm Room

College is a special time for many young people. It’s a time to get out into the big, wide world and try to make it your own. It’s also an opportunity to learn and express yourself, and one way you can express your newfound self is through the decor in your dorm room.

There are many ways you can decorate your room, but you’ll want to keep a few things in mind so that you’ve got something that represents you without breaking the bank. Here are five ways you can decorate a college dorm room.

Show off your inner geek

College is a time where you can really come into your own. Not only do people care less about being cool or fitting in, college kids are specifically looking to find themselves and their like-minded group.

So, if throughout high school you suppressed your inner geek, let it out! Show that you’re a fanatic of Marvel and DC comic through fun, colorful posters. Line your shelves with collectibles, gadgets and other geeky memorabilia. Use your space to display the little geeky interests you’ve hidden. Let your inner geek shine through in your room.

Embrace your wild side

If you want to get a little wild in college, use your dorm to embrace your wild side. If you never cut loose in high school, start by decorating your room as a means to start a conversation. Use edgy colors, decorations, and posters to show your different from your high-school self.

You don’t have to stick to the baby pinks and blues your parents used to decorate your room at home. Go all in! Paint it black, as the Stones would say (but not literally, unless you have some lax dorm rules). Stores like Urban Outfitters have profited off of selling an edgy look to young people. Go to similar stores and start styling your room to fit the new you.

Living in a Winter wonderland

Maybe black and other edgy looks aren’t your thing. That’s OK! Sparkles, twinkling snowfall lights, and millennial pink are very popular amongst college-aged kids too. Pinterest will be your best friend when it comes to decorating your room, as your style might be a bit simple right now.

But don’t be ashamed of that. You’re a young person. And this style is so popular right now, everyone will be jealous of you. Just like the pink wall in Los Angeles is a beacon for young Instagrammers, your room will be the highlight of your hall.

Keep it casual

If you’re not one to fuss about room decor, keep it simple. Just find some fun, affordable items to fill your room — stick to the necessities. You’re not the kind of person to buy unnecessary room trinkets at Target. You’re heading straight for the comforters, bathroom materials, and trash cans, then you’re out of the store with the goods.

You can still have a cohesive design with a minimalist perspective. But don’t feel pressured by social media and store catalogs to dress up a room if all you want is something low-key and casual.

Be you

This may seem like a given, but be yourself when designing your room. Although college kids care way less about being cool, everyone wants to impress others. It’s a scary time and all you want to do is make friends. Don’t make the pressure to have the coolest room or fit in blind you from the fact that college is about you and your personal growth.

It’s about coming into your own. So do what you want with your room, and don’t let the social media influencers and other pressures change your style.

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