Different procedures of fire restoration

Fire causes damage to your whole property, residential or commercial, in the shape of ashes, smoke and soot pollution. Fire is always dangerous for human life and can impact disastrously your house to an extent, need repair and restoration.

Damage due to fire increases after water and chemical is used to suppress the fire, by firefighters. The interior sprinkler system soaks everything present in the room, triggered by heat and smoke. The water from hoses of fire fighters, throw water with pressure and damages furniture, floors, walls and everything comes in the way. If the moisture is allowed to stay for longer period of time, invites mold growth and may damage the structure of building. Sometimes the water damage is more disastrous and long lasting than fire damage.

On the other hand, smoke and soot after a fire not only damages your building but also hazardous for health, particularly people with weak immune system. Leftover smoke and soot is not only smelly and unpleasant but also affect the health due to exposure, during the restoration. When it invades hard to reach places, it may stay there and damage the air quality if not treated on time properly.

Many different chemicals are being used in modern homes which were not present in old homes, such as plastic, cloth, leather, foam, wood, synthetic fabric, wool and asbestos containing objects. These things produce smoke, soot and chemicals upon burning which are very harmful and destructive for health of people, present in fire affected area.

It is important that fire damage must be professionally handled by restoration company to ensure safety and for successful restoration and repair result. To deal with different burnt materials and proper restoration, companies are using latest techniques and professional tools. The experts from restoration companies have knowledge and training to clean up and restore the building as soon as possible, to its pre fire condition. Quick action is required after fire incident; otherwise the soot and smoke odor may be hard to remove from objects particularly made of fabric and wood. Immediate action after fire reduces damage, cost and stress.

These restoration companies have technicians, specialized in different departments of repair and restoration of fire and water damaged buildings.

  • Water damage restoration technicians
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration technicians
  • Smoke odor control technicians
  • Fabric and upholstery restoration technicians

They are licensed and skilled in their fields, using proper tools and latest techniques and do their work to meet the requirements of people.

The first and foremost procedure after fire incident is the extraction of water through powerful extraction equipment to speed the cleanup process.

Large air movers and dehumidifiers are used to remove remaining moisture from the air and structure of the building. The walls, floors and ceilings should properly dry to prevent swelling and warping of wooden objects and mold growth.

The unpleasant odors and smell due to fire, smoke and water, is removed by using air scrubbers, deodorization agents and thermal foggers. It not only removes contaminants in air but also improve the air quality during fire restoration. High strength sanitizers are used to sanitize and stop the growth of bacteria, fungi and other harmful microorganisms.

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