Choosing the Best Garbage Disposal

Since our lives are rapidly changing and have become super fast, we have to specifically make time to do even the smallest of chores like washing dishes, taking out the trash or even changing a light bulb. In this time of need, even the smallest invention that can help us in lowering our work burden will be the greatest blessing. One of these blessings is the best badger. A badger is garbage disposal but with a fancy name.

But how can you choose the best garbage disposer for your home? What are the things that you should know about the disposal before buying it? Here are some things for you to begin with:

Garbage disposals not only halves your trips to the garbage can but also saves you from scraping the dishes clean before washing them to prevent clogged drain. The disposals are easy and simple machines whose work is to chop the leftover food that goes down the drain into small pieces so that they can easily go out. But as simple as the procedure sounds, you should first check all the features of the garbage disposal before buying it so that it lives long and you don’t have to change it soon. A disposal is a simple machine containing a motor and two metal plates which grinds the food with the help of impellers (its teeth), these plates are surrounded by a metal ring which is called grinding ring. When the machine starts it spin the plates so fast that it pushes it against the ring which breaks the food into small particles, the impellers help in grinding the food into small pieces. When the machine is done grinding, the water flushes the grinded food away with the help of water down the drain.

Now the things that you should check and ask before buying the garbage disposals are:

The feed type: there are two types of feed; the continuous one and the batch feed. The continuous feed works constantly and the batch feed works only when it’s full. You need to decide which feed suits your need- do you constantly need the disposal to run or can you wait till the disposal fills up to turn it on.

The motor size: the disposals come with different motor sizes with different horsepower (HP) like 1/3 HP, 1/2 HP, 3/4 HP, and 1 HP. Many people prefer to buy 1/2 HP but if you’re paying more you can go for a bigger number as it will ensure smooth work (especially if you dump a lot in the disposal).

The grinding chambers: the chamber is where all the grinding happens, small motor disposals contain smaller chambers but as the power of motor increases so does the size of the chamber. Choose the chamber according to your need.

Auto-reversing: auto-reversing happens automatically when there is something stuck in the grinding chamber. Make sure your disposal contains this feature as it is very important for silky operations.

The noise: sounds can vary from disposals to disposals but the disposals which are made of better quality tend to work more quietly than other cheap disposals, so if you want your disposal to do his work quietly; you better spend some good money.

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