Air Curtains and its uses


Air curtains are nothing but a continuous air that is blown from the top to the bottom in the doorsteps. The main purpose of this air curtain is it will block the dust particles from outside and also even the debris. It will control the temperature of the room by preventing the hot or cool air from entering or going out. It will keep the dust particles out and even the contamination out without entering the room. It just acts similar to the door that it will be a barrier between two rooms. The most common usage of this air curtain is the downward blower which is kept in the entrance of most of the buildings. Here let us see about the uses of Air curtains Toronto, Hamilton and how it works in detail.

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Uses of Air curtains

  1. It is commonly used in places where the door should be kept open all the time. For example, in the parking area of any of the buildings, temples, airport entrance, etc. Here all you can see the air curtains.
  2. Due to the forceful air blowing out from the air curtains, the insects cannot be let in from outside. The fast blowing air will make them fly outside without letting them in.
  3. Mostly it is used for commercial purposes. Rarely you can find them in the house.
  4. In colder climates, heated air curtains are preferred i.e. the air blown from the air curtains will be very hot. The non-heated air curtains will be used in the refrigerated rooms.

These are some of the uses of the air curtains.


I hope you had got some idea about the Air curtains Toronto, Hamilton and its uses. Make use of the air curtain and remove the dust particles from your place. You will not face any issue with the machine. If so, you can contact the service team in Wilcox and they could do even free service for you. Enjoy buying the product from Wilcox with cheaper price and live in a dust-free environment.

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