Air Compressor: All You Need To Know

The history of air compressor leads us back to the year 1650, a German scientist Otto Von Guericke invented the first ever compressor. The device which is termed as air compressor uses power to convert the potential energy (energy generated through the position of an object) into kinetic energy (energy generated through the motion of an object). Simply, it is to compress the air and deliver it to the end user. It can be further used for various purposes like to power pneumatic tools, many household purposes.

The power used by an air compressor could be produced using an electric motor or gasoline engine. There are air compressors which depend on your need like:

  • Electric Air Compressor
  • Gasoline Air Compressor

What is the difference between electric and gasoline air compressor?

The purchase of an air compressor depends on your need, usage, and affordability. You can even find an electric air compressor for sale or gasoline air compressor for sale.  The difference between electric and gasoline air compressor are mentioned below:

  • Mechanism to automatically switch on and off – In electric air compressor, there is a feature where the compressor itself turns it on or off according to the pressure whereas in gasoline air compressor there is no such feature. It means you have to do it manually.
  • Weight & Portability – Electric air compressor is lighter in weight as compared to gasoline which makes it more mobile and convenient.
  • Capability – If we compare electric with gasoline than gasoline air compressors can function with heavy industries more even in the long run.
  • Suitability – For smaller purposes like filling the air in tires or other household purposes electric air compressors are suitable. When it comes to industries where more energy is required like in metal factories, plastic producers, food processing plants gasoline air compressor is preferred.
  • Source – Electric air compressors require an electric power source to work. It won’t work with extensions. On the other hand, gasoline air compressor requires fuel. Once the fuel is filled in the tank, then it can work anywhere. If the tank becomes empty, then you need it to fill again whereas while using electric air compressors you only need an electric power source.
  • Noise – If your ears are prone to heavy noises then, you should stay away from gasoline air compressors as they produce more noise while functioning. Electric air compressors are quieter.
  • Performance – There is not much difference in the way both give the end result.

These are most of the aspects through which you can decide which type of air compressor to buy.  The price range of an air compressor depending on the capacity ranges from $15 to $4400 or more. There is an electric air compressor for sale and many other air compressors sales which can surely decrease the cost and will make the amount fall in your budget. In the end, it is you the user who has to decide which air compressor is needed to purchase.

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