5 Of The Best Ways To Insulate Your Home

It’s summertime, so the last we want to think about are those cold, damp months that seem so far away. But, in those now-famous words, winter is coming. So here are five ways to insulate your home before the first frost falls.

Starting from the top

If you managed to stay awake during your chemistry lessons, you’d remember that heat rises. If you were really paying attention, you’d know it’s because heat expands air, making it less dense. After that, the only way is up! But what’s this got to do with insulation? Well, up to 25% of heat escapes through your roof, and with the cost of heating bills also on the rise, this is money that is literally vanishing into thin air. Get that loft insulated before wintertime and you’ll save up to £150 every year.

The heat beneath your feet

We know which way most heat goes, but insulating your floor is another great way to keep the warmth in your home and a bit of extra cash in your pocket. You only need to insulate the ground floor to feel the benefits, although if you have any rooms above a non-heated space, like a garage, it’s worth getting them done. It can save between £50-70 a year.

Double effect

A-rated double glazed windows can reduce average household heating bills by as much as £110 a year. This figure is based on a semi-detached home, and detached homeowners could save even more – as much as  £130. And here’s how: as the name suggests, double glazing consists of two panes of glass with a small gap in between. Because the air gets trapped in this narrow space,  it can’t circulate, preventing heat transfer. Double glazing also reduces external noise.

Talking about noise

Insulating your home isn’t just about keeping in the heat. Sometimes you want to keep things out, including annoying sounds. Underfloor soundproof sheets reduce impact and airborne noise. This is a  great way to create a peaceful haven in the home or make sure you’re not disturbed while working in your office. And if you happen to be a budding rock star or superstar DJ, soundproofing your home studio lets you blast out future hits without annoying the neighbours, or your parents!

Wrap up those pipes

Wrapping your pipes in insulating foam reduces heat loss and also keeps water hotter for longer. You can also buy a foam jacket for hot water cylinders. A 75mm jacket costs around £15 and cuts heat loss by as much as 75%. Most come with manufacturer instructions and fitting it yourself is a fairly straightforward job.

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